Need a coach

How Do I Know If I Need a Coach?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful method that can be used in all levels and situations of private and professional life. The coaching process is a partnership between the client and the coach. The relationship between them is based on mutual trust and authenticity. 

The coach helps the clients to produce the best results possible and be their best selves. The coach can guide the clients in the process of clarifying, defining, and reaching their life and career goals, and can help to stay focused during this exciting personal journey.

It is important to mention that the coach doesn’t necessarily need to be an expert in the field of the client’s expertise. In many cases, the experiences gathered and the ideas shared from a different field can be even more beneficial for the client. Coaching is not equal to psychotherapy, mentoring, training, or teaching. The power of coaching lies in the fact that the client is the expert finding the right answers to the questions that arise during the coaching process. The coach does not mentor or advise the clients, rather guides the clients through this self-discovery process. The coach doesn’t tell you what to do or how to fix your life, the coach’s role is to ask powerful, profound and curious questions. The client has ownership of their personal development.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching can help everyone who wants to take the leap and make a significant change in private or work life. Nowadays all kinds of business professionals use coaching services, such as executives, managers, small business owners, start-up pioneers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, creators or actors. I suggest coaching to everyone who wants to get closer to his or her desired goals and needs support and professional guidance to reach them.

What is it for?

We can use coaching to:

  • clarify, identify, focus on the desired goals in order to reach them,
  • develop self-awareness: identify your values, discover your potentials and resources, and be conscious of your talents,
  • regain motivation and enthusiasm,
  • build self-confidence and develop resilience,
  • self-discovery and growth,
  • find what problem-solving strategy is the best fit for your personality,
  • make hard decision and find the courage to take actions,
  • become a more effective leader: improve your skills to increase productivity, inspire others and build rapport with clients and co-workers,
  • improve self-management, communication, presentation skills,
  • overcome the fear of change, failure, risk, and eliminate limiting beliefs,
  • help resist conformity to social expectations/alleviate the urge to conform to social expectations,
  • time-management,
  • restart after a life crisis,
  • create a work-life balance.
How does it work exactly?

Needless to say, everything disclosed during the coaching process is completely confidential.

The process starts with a preliminary phone conversation to discuss what the client is looking for, what coaching is and to clarify any questions that the client has about coaching. Usually, the coaching process consists of 6-8 sessions, 60 minutes each. I provide both face-to-face and online coaching services. Each session is tailored according to the client’s goals and needs.

Initial assessment of the client`s position helps us to set a baseline and allow us to measure the progress and identify current and potential obstacles. After this very important first step, we take a look at the available resources, understand the client’s current situation and make an action plan accordingly. We work together on establishing the most important steps to take in order to achieve the desired outcome and create a timeline for the process. This enables the client to identify the foreseeable obstacles and get prepared to overcome them. During the session, the coach guides the client on the journey that will likely be filled with „A-ha!-moments” of gained insights, finding new perspectives, solutions and new opportunities. At this point, the client can see a clear picture of what needs to be done during the process and that all the steps are leading towards the goal. If the action plan needs to be altered during the process, the coach is there to assist the client and help him or her to stay motivated, committed and make sure that everything is on track towards their goal(s). 

Why should you work with me?

As a biomedical researcher, it is very important for me that the methods I use produce visible and measurable results, such as a successful career change, restart after a burn-out or increase productivity. I believe that a trustworthy and professional coach should have an ICF-accredited certification, should continuously improve on a professional and personal level, and last but not least, needs to be genuine and authentic. The authenticity of a qualified coach can provide a new perspective to the clients who then discover solutions they have never thought about before. I am attentively listening to the clients during the sessions and use the best method that suits their personality and goal(s). I work with several different methods, such as personality or psychological tests, homework, worksheet, questionnaire, drawing, picture cards, or Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. 

Former clients who chose to work with me in the past pointed out my enthusiastic, honest and motivating coaching style. Also, I am able to see the hidden potential in my clients and bring out the best of them with providing constructive feedback that let them grow and give a different perspective.

About Dr. Tünde Tőkés

Life and business Coach

After a successful career of almost 20 years in the field of medical and scientific research, I chose to use my experience and knowledge as a qualified life and business coach. Originally from Hungary, I’m currently living in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tünde Tőkés

People I’ve Worked With

,,Coaching from Tünde has been for me a life-changing experience. It has changed the way I see my life and the world. Coaching taught me who I am and who I can be."

Katalin (28, scientist)

„Through Tünde`s questions, I was able to develop ideas myself as well as the next steps to solve the issues. I do warmly recommend her.”

Rita (36, scientist)

„Tünde is a real motivating person with a stunning charm and impressive knowledge and experience. Today, I feel more confident to embrace the challenges of tomorrow.”

Tamas (38, software developer)

„Tünde is very professional and trustfully person with a long-term vision for her business. I am happy to continue working with Tünde.”

Zoltan (45, entrepreneur)

„Working with Tünde has enabled me to shape and implement a set of personal objectives that have materially improved my performance as a young leader. She has helped me to clearly identify the areas on which to focus in order to bring the greatest benefit to my career development.”

Szilvia (33, marketing)

“Coach Tünde was the best thing I did for myself in a long time. Her approach and style are amazing, her questions struck the core of my issues and her guidance in addressing them was invaluable. The personal and professional way she coached me was something that really worked out for me achieving my goal.”

Matt (40, logistics)